Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mua gel eyeliner review

                                                MUA gel eyeliner in Underground-Boots £3

The other day i popped into Boots and picked up this MUA gel eyeliner, i was originally going to order it offline but didn't want to have to pay shipping so brought it in store instead. For ages i had been using the Spring Limited addition gel eyeliner from no'7 but for some reason it just started transferring onto my eyelid and it was just very annoying. Bearing in mind i wear eyeliner everyday this was something that needed to be repurchased asap. Although i had another eyeliner i could use i wanted to try something new so here it is.

On to the review, firstly this is a lot smaller than i thought it was going to be as you can see from the photo where its on the palm of my hand and this i thought would limit the amount of product you can actually fish out, but i thought i would over look this as it could be an amazing product.
The top of the lid actually pops off and a small brush is hidden inside which you can turn around and clip back into the lid to make a brush handle, its quite small to hold but actually works nice and precisely. The colour i got is Underground which is their black colour and it is a very nice matte black which i loved as i don't like a shiny eyeliner. Dont know what it is about shiny eyeliner but it just makes me think of when i was young and i had my first ever cheap eyeliner... and although this is a cheap eyeliner it is great really !! It lasted all days on my eyes with no transfer so that was fab. Overall, i do think this is a great cheap eyeliner so get down to the shops and try it out, including there 3 other colours :)
                                                        Abi  x

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